How We’ve Helped our Business Clients During the Pandemic (and how we’re giving all that help away!)

What has your agent done lately?

What We’ve Done

When the pandemic started, there was a lot of talk but little solid information relating to business owners. Because of this, we spent hours each day consolidating information, negotiating deals with PPE and testing vendors, providing unique webinars, and solid non-spin information to help our clients survive and hopefully thrive during this time.

Some highlights:

    1. Consolidated information from major insurance carriers into one site.
    2. Repository of Unemployment websites and information for the states we operate in for employees who were furloughed/laid off.
    3. Repository of Government websites that had the latest information on government resources for businesses.
    4. Help with the Paycheck Protection Program – webinars on how to sign up, ramifications, and just recently, how to get the loan forgiven.
    5. A personal referral to one of the top SBA guys in the country for larger businesses.
    6. Webinar on leveraging the CARES Act for Cash Flow Relief
    7. Unique “Battleship Forum” whereby some top former military leaders (who are now in the private sector) to help upgrade everyone’s thinking, network with other leaders in the country and really turn around the negativity into something positive.
    8. A quick note on what was going on with regards to mortgages, rent in both commercial and residential arena.
    9. Guidance on COBRA due to the Department of the Treasury/IRS guidance (we tried to notify and simplify).
    10. Unlimited access to HR professionals to help with any personnel issues/transitions.
    11. Webinar: The Layoff Alternative: Strategies to Safeguard Your Business & Preserve Your Culture
    12. Information (and my “ruminations”) on the May 1st mask order in Illinois.
    13. Compliance webinar on Layoffs, Furloughs, and Recalls.
    14. Negotiated rates with 2 PPE suppliers who actually had PPE in stock in the United States. These were prescreened providers.
    15. Guidance on what you do if an employee tests positive for COVID-19.
    16. Providing a spreadsheet to track PPP loan proceeds.
    17. Webinar on Workplace Health & Safety as employees return to work.
    18. Negotiated a deal for Antibody testing and screenings for employees returning to work.

The Deal

We’ve spent a considerable number of hours and tapped our vast network in order to have our clients’ backs. Where most Broker Consultants may keep this intellectual property for their own benefit, we aren’t. WE ARE GIVING IT ALL AWAY.


Because it’s the right thing to do. EVERYONE needs this info, not just our clients. If you’d like a link to the big folder of everything, simply send me an email with BIG FOLDER OF EVERYTHING in the subject line. The link will be sent to you. You can find my email here: