We are always looking for great talent to be part of the RS&A family. While we don’t have any open positions at this time, we are happy to review your resume and chat so that when the time comes and we need someone. You’ll be on the list.


Why Work for Us?

Good question.

Maybe it’s working with a group of people who cares passionately about helping our clients get the right coverage for the right price. On the group side, it’s about helping the company meet their business goals, better coverage for employees at a lower cost for employers (by helping employers see that they CAN control both their cost and the quality of care for employees).

Maybe it’s working with a nationally known person who is on the bleeding edge of employee benefits and is constantly thinking 2 – 5 years ahead at the industry to make sure whatever a business does today will set them up for success tomorrow. Who’s written an Amazon best seller on the topic and cares passionately about business owners, what they go through, and having the ability to lift some of the burden off their shoulders.

Finally, working in a professional office where work matters more than personality. Drama is avoided through good process, and where positive, fun loving people work.

Here are the positions we would hire for.


Self-starter who already has deep ties into the business community and business owners of mid to large sized businesses. Must have proven track record of selling into the C-Suite. Doesn’t necessarily need to be in the insurance world, but that is helpful. Must have excellent phone/zoom skills, positive attitude, and energetic.

Account Management

Control freak, detail-oriented person whose main goal is to work with our many businesses and business owners on service issues through renewal. Your job is to LOVE OUR CLIENTS as much as we do and help them in whatever ways make sense and is within our scope of business. MUST HAVE EXPERIENCE. I will give you a math test to make sure you can add. I will ask you picky-ass questions to make sure you actually have done all of the things we ask of an account manager. Must have excellent phone/zoom skills, positive attitude, etc.

Customer Service Representative

Support our account managers with servicing our clients. This includes spread sheets, census information, adding/terminating employees, filling out COBRA paperwork, and working with clients on transactional items (such as adds and drops). Must be detail oriented and have a good working knowledge of Excel. Must have excellent phone skills as you will be talking with clients. BTW, have I mentioned having a positive attitude?


Part time position to handle the day-to-day accounts payable, accounts receivable, reconcile commission statements, and any other financial items for the business. Estimated time is around 10 hours/week. Granted, accounting people may not be known for their scintillating conversation, but we like people who are upbeat and can hyper detailed oriented.

Executive Assistant

Work directly with Robert to manage his email, phone calls, schedule, to do list, etc. Will be routing phone calls and emails to the rest of the staff as appropriate. Will be harassing Robert on a daily basis about his top 5 list. Will be talking to clients and prospects on his behalf when needed (e.g. reaching out to clients and prospects to schedule appointments). Basically, whatever is needed to keep Robert focused on his most important tasks.