Imagine holding an employee meeting to tell them that their benefit cost is going down. Wouldn't that feel good?

How about following that statement up with telling them you are improving their benefits package?

We at Robert Slayton & Associates can design plans to lower your cost while providing better outcomes and benefits to your employees. How do we do this? By realizing that health "insurance" isn't really insurance, but rather risk management. Having this deep understanding allows us to design plans around You, the employer and your employees. You are in the center, not the insurance company. We've saved a small company with 40 enrolled employees over $450,000 over 3 years. Did we mention that they have a $0 deductible health plan? That's right $0 deductible, plus access to Medical Management and Concierge service.

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The Healthcare Manifesto

Straight forward and profound. Robert helps you wrap your arms around and control both the cost and quality of your second largest expense on your books.

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NextGeneration Healthcare

Robert co-authors an amazing book with dozens of tactics to not just control costs, but improve outcomes and how to manage the organization that handles your health insurance/health care.

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